Signs that your Dog would be your First Born Child


Introduction What was the feeling after delivering bundles of joy at home? Everything changed and all revolved around your innocent sweet dog. Despite being a parent with young children you may still not forget your first kid fur. There is one that enabled you to learn the joy of loving other creatures. Here are signs that your dog pet could be your firstborn child.

-The Dog’s comfort is highly important After a long and tiring day, you’re likely to crash, but immediately after opening your bedroom, you’ll meet with your pooch sprawled nicely on your bed. These are kind of situations that separate dog owner from parents. Of course, there are those who will command their dogs to get off the bed.

-You Use the Sweetest Words to Refer to Your Dog For the coworkers, regale friends, baristas and the best strangers who visit beaches to have some healthy stories, it could make you proud whenever you talk about your dog. This, therefore, renders you a proud doting parent. If your dog is stubborn, you will always feel proud sharing experiences with people around you.

-You could be a Helicopter Parent How does your home look like? Is it decked with padded corners, cabinet locks, padded and outlet protectors? Always, insisting on checking every grass blade before you decide on a place where your pooch can paw. Well, this is likely to make you a helicopter parent, although you should not have much as everything will be okay with time. By the time you give birth to your first child, you are likely not to feel anything in case it places a dirty toy in your mouth. This will, therefore, make you want to have it with you always.

-You always want to Give the Best Food to your Dog Whenever you go through the labels on food for your dog, you are likely to develop an urge to try some homemade recipes for your little kid fur. A great diet will always be imperative for your good pet. You are always determined to make sure that he gets the best food that can be compared to that of a queen.

-Instead of own Photo, Your Phone is full of Dog Snaps For how long do you swipe your gallery to trace your own photo from your phone? Well, this is a sign that you have the most impressive love for your dog. In this case, you may find yourself giving friends your dog’s selfies instead of own picture. This tells of how much your four-legged is at heart. There are those who will call it an obsession, but it is normal as a good dog owner. You have nothing to worry about extending your love to your dog. The big surprise is that your dog could be having a huge number of followers on Instagram than you have.

-Your Social Life has been Occupied by your Dog You notice that nowadays you cannot leave your work and end into a bar, the reason is that there is a lovely kid fur awaiting you at home. You’ve made a decision to forego all your weekends’ outs just to have good moments with your pup. Your dog has become the main mantra of your plans. This is likely to make your closer friends forgets about you. Why? Because all your attention and energy has been directed to your dog. Therefore, if in case you notice any of these signs, then you should declare yourself a doting dog parent.

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