How To Control High Blood Sugar


Introduction High blood sugar is a condition experienced whenever one’s body is not capable of transporting sugar from the blood to the cells effectively. If not given the perfect attention it requires, it’s likely to result to diabetes. Following a study that was conducted by scholars, it revealed that around 12% to 14% of the adults from the United States was battling body-type-2 diabetes, while 37% to 38% were said to be pre-diabetic. This means 50% of the adults in the United States have either diabetes or in pre-diabetes condition. Here is how to regulate levels of blood sugar in the body.

-Have Regular Exercise This is one of the simplest ways of losing weight and increasing the insulin sensitivity in the body. High levels of insulin enable the body cells to effectively utilize the available sugar in the bloodstream. Regular exercise helps muscles to use the blood sugar to facilitate muscle contraction and energy. Therefore, if you’ve problems related to control of blood sugar, you should have them checked regularly. This will enable you to learn on how to react to different activities and also keep close check of levels of blood sugar.

– Stay Hydrated by Taking More Water Taking a sufficient amount of water will help you to keep levels of blood sugar within the required limits. Apart from prevention of hydration, it will also, enable your kidney to excrete excessive blood sugar through the urine. A case study revealed that people who take more water are a likelihood of developing high levels of blood sugar. Therefore, maintaining a hydrated body can help you lower the levels of blood sugar and at the same time prevent diabetes.

-Increases Intake Fiber Intake Mostly, fiber slows down the absorption of sugar and digestion of carb. As a result, it leads to a gradual rise in levels of blood sugar. There are two main types of blood sugar, they include soluble and insoluble. Although they are both important to the body, soluble fiber has confirmed to be a reducing agent of blood sugar levels. Also, a diet rich in high levels of fiber can help to manage type 1 – diabetes, improving control of the blood sugar and suppressing low blood sugar. The recommended daily intake of fiber should at least be 38g for men and 25g for women. Examples of food that is rich in fiber include vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains.

-Control Your Levels of Stress Well, stress is likely to have an effect on your levels of sugar on your blood. For example, hormones such as Cortisol and glucagon are usually released whenever one is stressed. These types of hormones make levels of blood sugar to increase. Studies have shown that relaxation, meditation, and exercise can reduce stress levels and decrease the levels of blood mostly among students. Therefore, controlling levels of stress through exercising can greatly help you to regulate the levels of blood sugar.

-Keep Close Check of Your Blood Sugar Levels You understand what can be tested is easily manageable. Therefore, measuring and monitoring the level of glucose in your blood can be a good method of controlling them. For example, keeping record may enable you to determine whether you would require some changes in your medications and meals. This also, helps you get to know how your body reacts to certain types of food. Therefore, checking sugars and maintaining daily logs will help you to make changes on food and medications you take in order to lower the levels of your blood sugar.

-Have Sufficient Sleep Sufficient sleep is important for good health and so lack of good rest and poor habits of sleeping may affect the levels of blood sugar and sensitivity to insulin. This would increase the appetite for food resulting in weight gain. Lack of enough sleep may stimulate the release of growth hormones and increases the cortisol levels. These two plays a very crucial role in the regulation of blood sugar. Good sleep will always help you to maintain the levels of blood sugar and also push for a healthy weight. Poor sleep is associated with the upset of highly essential metabolic hormones.

Conclusion It is recommendable to inquire from a specialist before trying new supplements. This is highly important especially if you have issues related to regulation of blood sugar. Therefore, if you’ve challenges in control of blood sugar levels, you need to do something before it is too late.

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