Are Aliens Real, And Is There Life On Other Planets?


Throughout history, we have determined historical events to have occurred during numerous occasions on earth by way of time. Time is measured by the stars within our galaxy which is a limitless life form of space and galaxies. Since the 1960s, we’ve explored space and planets unreachable to common citizens. And for ages prior, we’ve studied countless ancient artifacts that historians and archeologists have theorize numerous alien contacts with humans on earth. From the bible to Egyptian hieroglyphics, and caves around the world, we’ve likely answered the age-old inquiry, Are Aliens real, and is there life on other planets…

Is There Proof of Aliens?

Since record of extraterrestrial communication is either historically documented in artifactual relics and articles or documents meant for only ranking eyes, we the public base our theory and philosophy on what is accounted as conspiracy. For example, although we do not specifically have proof of aliens being the reason behind Hitler’s Natzi aircraft designs according to Ancient Aliens season 2 episode 5, historians and archeologists alike have theorized that there may have been extraterrestrial assistance in the construction of the Natzi warcraft.

Alien Conspiracy? What is it?

Some believe that aliens are real and only contact a certain worthy few humans, while others believe aliens are completely hidden and controlled, within a secret lab, based in government sectors, often known as Areas, which are just Government Air Force bases. A very popular alien conspiracy government base is known as Area 51. While all government entities are highly classified and only accessible through authorized admittance, many people believe that Area 51, located in Nevada, US. is specifically an alien research center. When it was acquired in 1955, it was there to be a testing center for aircraft and experimental weapons systems development and testing. It is still in use today as an open training range facility and much more, highly classified reasons unknown to a pedestrian.

Most governmental articles, reports, and findings often conclude a debunking of an alien conspiracy. For instance, Alien UFO sitings have been reported throughout history and even still in the twenty-first century. These articles can be summarized on news and educational sites like Boston University and CNN. To truly get the scope of what these governmental reports have to say, I visited websites, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and NASA to receive their view on what is called the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) aka UFO.

Classified as a common pedestrian or the public, we received an article known as the Unclassified Report of the Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena aka UFO. Their most recent assessment is concentrated on reported views between 2004-2021. There have been over 144 reports. While Bill Nelson, former astronaut, and U.S Senator summarizes for CNN, the classified report says, “we don’t know what those navy pilots saw…” With this being pertaining to the most recent UFO sighting. While yes, the government is in control of the narrative and has always been, that does not mean they have access to alien civilizations to have the power to control them. While it is debunked to have possibly five aircraft testing flights, it does not mean these are just alien conspiracies…

Does this mean there is life on other planets?

As NASA has discovered water and living molecules, on several occasions, the discovery of life on other planets can take decades. Recently reported in a NASA article based upon current Exoplanet Exploration, there are building blocks in research development that could lead to the future discovery of life on other planets. While, an exoplanet just means a planet outside of the solar system, there have been thousands of discovered planets since the 1990s. With that being said, there is an endless possibility that there is life on other planets. Just like we can only see one half of the moon, who knows what we have not uncovered.


Granted there is much research to be done, it does not mean they are not existing or, that they have not reached out to us. Sometimes, I believe we are a bit too boisterous of a species for them to feel comfortable enough for them to interact. I also say we are undisciplined and very uninviting. Since the Old Testament, our goal as a human species has always been to conquer and rule. Philosophers great like Confucius and some still learning, like myself, have considered the possibility of other life forms beyond due to the nature of our existence.

There are endless constellations with limitless possibilities of life that range as small as a microbe. In this article, I do nurture the theory of life existing on other planets and also the ability to communicate with them. There are advances, I am sure of as a Computer Science Major, we have not reached today that we’ve surely reached in our history. The destruction of ancient civilization was not only because of corrupt leadership or natural disasters but, I sense we have not been admitted the allowance of a greater evolution today and that we are much further behind than we may have been, or that other planet life may have been granted.

My final theory is yes, aliens are real and there is life on other planets. We could not possibly be the only life forms within the heavens. The galaxy is entirely too big to be so scaled the way we have scaled it. Not only are we within a solar system, but we have also discovered many solar systems and drifting exoplanets.

There is a communication method in all civilizations and there could be a possibility that we are not using the correct method. Yes, a spaceship can reach outer space, and radio signals can be heard in pulses for centuries throughout the galaxy but, there is something we’ve completely missed. Technology, time jumps, portals, can all open these otherworldly dimensions but, have we made contact? Have we been able to create a relationship?

We’ve been discovering and highlighting these discoveries since Christopher Columbus…well, honestly since the Book of Genesis yet, when it comes to other living species, we’ve failed tremendously and, why? I wouldn’t say it is because they are monsters like in the 1986 movie Aliens! I theorize that it is because we truly don’t speak their language. Even with technological advancements, we are only knowledgeable and capable of reaching beyond everything we on earth have the capacity to exceed.

But if we take away the fact that maybe their technology is not like our technology or, maybe they don’t know any earthly languages or elements, then we’re taking away the possibility of life on other planets and scaling things down to the idea of what we can comprehend what a definition of life beyond truly means.

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