8 Ways Of Securing Your Ecommerce Website From Hacking And Scam


It is a known fact today that e-commerce platforms usually encounter problems with hacking and fraudulent scams. Fraudsters and scammers often engage in stealing credit cards and other people’s sensitive private details. Through these practices, several e-commerce platforms have either folded up or suffer financial damages.

Protecting customers should be the first step to making your e-commerce platform a secured place to trade or shop. This is a great way to ensure that your online business survive the attacks from scammers and hackers. Some unique special tips will be described in this content to help you protect your ecommerce website, time and time again.

Crucial Information Should Not Be Saved:

In time past, it is the practice of online businesses to save information concerning their clients. The staggering rates of cyber crime and online theft are enough to make you establish a new model in protecting clients. The idea of not storing any details relating to your prospective customers on the business database remains a great initiative to follow.

Provided this simple concept can be followed, it is guaranteed to protect customers from online transaction risks. Ensure not to save expiration dates, CCV2 and cardholder’s credit card details. Using this model will help to keep your clients from being attacked by fraudsters.

Network Used For Your E-commerce Platform Should Be Secured:

When creating an e-commerce website, it is a good idea to make use of a protected network. Remember that not all networks provide secured and protected measures to prospective customers. If you are selecting a network for your online business, it should be an option that comes with a coded or well-designed programming language.

Most networks using this model often end up providing your ecommerce the best protection required to operate online. The security of your online business is highly important and you should always make it the number one priority of the website. If this method is used properly, you will eventually have one of the best protected ecommerce platforms for customers and shopping.

Strong And Undetected Passwords:

The client’s information should be highly protected at the back-end of the retailer’s ecommerce. Business owners should always ask and encourage clients to make use of powerful passwords when creating an account. Passwords can contain strange characters, symbols, numbers and other important signs. This will help to boost the security and strength of your password.

When clients make use of long and complex passwords, it becomes harder for scammers to crack the code. It simply means that the login information of every customer will be protected and secured from fraudsters. Another thing to tell your prospects is that they should choose passwords scammers cannot guess. Undetected and strong passwords will always scare fraudsters from attempting to breach your client’s login information.

Layering For The Protection Of Online Business Platforms:

Ecommerce websites can be secured and protected when the protection base is added with extra layer. While the selected network for your online business may provide some levels of protection, ensure to give customers extra layer guarantee. When the firewalls of an ecommerce website are added with extra layers, it will always discourage hackers and scammers. With this idea, scammers will not be able to breakthrough of breach the details of your faithful clients.

This extra layering process can started with the design of the ecommerce website. Check on every application on the ecommerce platform and provide an extra layer. For instance, contact forms, login boxes, search queries and other important website details should be given added security. SQL and cross-site scripting can help provide added layering of security for your online business website. When you follow this simple and easy concept, your ecommerce website will not be broken by scammers or hackers.

Using An Address System And Card Verification Process:

Using an address identification system is one of the best ways to keep your ecommerce safe. If your online website will engage in credit card processing, then using a special verification procedure helps to boost protection.

There is every possibility for most scammers to guess the password of client on an ecommerce website. Nevertheless, it may be a Herculean task to guess the address of a client. With this idea, your customers will be protected and safe when shopping on the website you promote.

Alert System Installation:

When there is a suspicious activity on some ecommerce platforms, finding a special system to reduce the damage may be difficult. Using an alert system may help you detect the negative activities of a scammer on your ecommerce website. When this system is installed on ecommerce platforms, it gives your customers the opportunity to request orders without any disturbance.

Sometimes, you can use either phone or email alert system to give customers information of their activity on the website. It is a great way that will make your online business website secured at the same time protected from fraudsters.

Staff Training Sessions Should Be Provided:

When ecommerce workers are communicating with prospective customers, it is expedient to hide the information of clients. This also implies that ecommerce workers should not in any way expose information that belongs to customers to the public.

To achieve this, it is ideal to give workers thorough training sessions until perfection is attained. Business owners should an alarming message to staff about the laws and policies relating to client’s details. This will help workers abide by the rules and regulations guiding the use of client’s information on the website.

Track Number System Should Be Used For All Orders:

To combat against chargeback fraud, it is a good idea to make use of a tracking number system. This system should be used for every order and transaction occurring on the website. It is a great way that can help to achieve total protection for both users and ecommerce owner.


Do you have an ecommerce website and looking for great ways to protect it? With the help of the information above, your online business website will no longer be opened to the attacks of scammers and fraudsters. The methods here are well-designed to help you remain safe while running an ecommerce business.

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